About Us
l              Local - Family Operated - Independently Owned
  For over 2 years, our professional cleaners have been providing housecleaning services for clients in the Greater Michigan and Eastside  communities.

                           We believe in…Great People.We are delighted to have a great group of intelligent, creative and hard working individuals on our            housecleaning staff. Our staff tend to be from a customer service background, because that's what we're passionate about! We take great care of   our great people, and offer exceptionally high pay.
   Exceptional Training.
                          We work with you to ensure your unique vision is met, your home's particulars are understood, and your cleaners are set up for success. Our staff pride themselves in providing thorough, top-notch quality while working efficiently to use your time well. When the job is done, we want to hear your feedback, so we can continue fine-tuning your account for the ultimate client experience.
Leading Our Industry.For years,Waynes Mantaines LLC Cleaning has been a veteran and Board Member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (www.arcsi.org), which provides continued education and innovation for our industry.
"My cleaner takes care of every detail. I love to come home on cleaning days!"


                                     Mission Statement
The purpose of Waynes Maintains is two-fold.  The first purpose of Waynes Maintains. is to promote comfortable, healthy, attractable working conditions for employees. There by enabling employees to meet the needs of their family and personal lives. Performing quality work, meeting the needs of employees and showing concern for the community and public in general can accomplish this.  The second purpose of Waynes Maintains. is to complete projects in a timely and fiscally sound method to ensure profitability. Thus enabling the company itself to progress and become an important part of the community.